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As women, we know that beauty can be pain. That is why we make it through long marathons in high heels or continue to schedule 10-week laser hair removal sessions.

It also accounts for other beauty procedures like permanent makeup or weaves and waxing. So, yes, beauty is pain. But beauty can also be downright bizarre.

Photo: Unsplash/rashid khreiss

You’ve probably seen some nail art videos that incorporate some strange things like flowers and bugs, but sometimes kitchen essentials can make their way into nail art as well.

Case and point, peanut butter nails. Yes, you read that correctly. There are peanut butter nails out there in the world.

Photo: Unsplash/Towfiqu barbhuiya

If you are having your doubts about it, there is video evidence on TikTok. In fact, a video featuring the nails the video has gained 808K likes, 25.2K shares, and 15.7K comments.

We all know that finding the right shade of nail color can be a little difficult. Sometimes the color we envision in our minds doesn’t exactly line up with what we have in front of us.

So, sometimes that means we need to get a little creative. And for one TikToker, @ilysmnails, that meant using peanut butter.

Photo: TikTok/ilysmnails

In the video, we see the entire process begin with a nail mold dipped into a jar of peanut butter and spread onto someone’s finger.

Then, it’s filled in before getting glazed over. So, technically the peanut butter isn’t exposed it’s just used as a background shade. Interesting right? Or strange? You decide!

Watch the video below:


Smooth Peanut 🥜 Butter 🧈 Nail 💅🏽 #nails #nailtutorial #acrylicnails #beautyhacks

♬ Dougie x Breakfast x Chosen – Kuya Magik

Would you ever try out peanut butter nails? What do you think of this creation? Let us know!

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