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Marketing is quite important when trying to get your brand out to the public. There are different types of advertising as well.

But for Pabst Blue Ribbon, they’re trying out a new way of marketing. And it is quite personable as well. Basically, the beer company wants to take over your living room and entirely transform it into a giant advertisement for their beer.

Photo: Pixabay/mattynagy0

In order to do so, this month they were giving away household items that were completely covered by the company’s iconic logo. Think: dream college dorm but for an 18-year-old frat boy. The company had Pabst Blue Ribbon shower curtains, blankets, and also, cutting boards. They even have their own WiFi network!

The idea is that once you had decked your house out in everything PBR-related, the next step was to take pictures that you then uploaded to Instagram for a payout, so long as you tagged @pabstblueribbon.

Photo: YouTube/Pabst Blue Ribbon

Regarding their idea for in-home advertising, the company said, “We hope this ad makes you want a beer.”

It’s a smart idea since it’s a source of constant advertising if you see the logo everywhere you go in your house. And it proved to be a very successful campaign as the company was proud to announce on their website that their products had already sold out as of the 22nd of September – earlier than they’d anticipated.

Photo: YouTube/Pabst Blue Ribbon

According to BrewPublic, the vice president of marketing for PBR, Nick Reely, said in a statement, “One of the principles we operate under at PBR is subversion. Another is offering lighthearted and self-aware entertainment to our friends and audiences. A third principle isn’t really giving money away but that’s OK. We made an exception for this campaign.”

Check out the video below:

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