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Heidi Marler, 47, is a grandmother on a mission. Her home was once drab and plain but now? She’s been able to transform it into the pastel paradise that she has always wanted.

She loves dolly mix sweets and has spent the past four years decorating her home accordingly. There is no shortage of baby pinks, sherbet blues, and mint greens to check out here.


The palliative care worker has also taken the time to deck out the bathroom and kitchen. These rooms are all pink now and they have the appliances to match.

Heidi was not done there, either. Each room in the home comes with pink, blue, and green furniture. There are two flamingos because of course there are and the bedroom has some truly sweet decorative touches.


In case you were wondering, there is even a gold radiator and a retro pink hoover to further enhance the surroundings. In order to properly revel in the explosion of color, Heidi even rocks a “pink velour tracksuit with a rainbow coat”.


There is nothing left to chance here. It’s great to see someone enjoying the art of interior decoration so much. The reason for this amazing transformation is a simple one: this woman’s ex-partner was against them decorating anything to this extent.

According to the New York Post, since they could not agree on decor, the house had a very drab appearance for the longest time.


Once the inevitable breakup took place, she was free to decorate the place in any manner that she wanted. She’s a major fan of Only Fools and Horses and wanted her house to look like the apartment that Del Boy resides in on the popular BBC sitcom.


“I started decorating everything I could, it just became a mismatch vibrant space full of colours,” she said, according to the outlet.

“I’ve collected quite a few pieces over the years and love a good bargain from car boot sales. I’m a lover of all things retro and try and pick up pieces whenever I can that would work well within my home,” she continued.


In case you wondered, her new partner is very supportive of what she is doing, thankfully. “Some people think I’m a maximalist, but I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle of the maximalism and minimalism scale,” Heidi concludes.

You can see more of her aesthetic on Instagram, @home_n_tidy_with_heidi_.

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