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October 4, 2021, is a day that will live on in infamy for those who are heavy social media users. That is the day that Facebook and Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, ended up going down at the same time.

I remember logging in, only to be told that the feed on my Instagram couldn’t refresh. At first, I thought it was my wifi being spotty, but when I tried again on my mobile data, I got the same frustrating results. That is when I knew something fishy was up. Then, logging into Twitter just confirmed it: It was a social media apocalypse.

Photo: Unsplash/John Tuesday

While some people probably freaked out over the social media blackout, there were others that quite enjoyed it. That begs the question, what did you do while the social media universe was at a loss? Did you do some reading? Go for a walk? Play some board games? Yes, the social media blackout was hard on some, but it was also a nice reminder of the days prior to social media when we could just be – there was no pressure to constantly be checking what everyone was doing.

If you found the time off social media nice, then you might be extra incentivized to give it another go for $2,500.

All Home Connections is willing to give one very lucky winner $2,500 for taking a social media break that would last 25 days.

Photo: Unsplash/Rendy Novantino

The chosen person would be required to do a full social media detox by deleting all social media apps from their phone and tablet. The detox would also require them to avoid browsing any social media sites on their computer.

But it would be all worth it as the winner would be compensated with a fun care package consisting of books, board games, and baking supplies. There would also be an insta-print camera and journal included as well. In short, there definitely wouldn’t be any possibility of boredom with the array of old-school entertainment they’d provide.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexandra Fuller

Of course, there are also some requirements that you’d have to adhere to. For a start, the winner is encouraged to plan out goals that are personalized to you – such goals as going for a jog in the morning or testing out a new recipe, etc. There will also be mood tracking – both before the detox, during the detox, and then after the detox.

What this means is that you see how the detox affects your mood. This can be done through a mood tracking app. So, if you’re still feeling like this could be a challenge you could get behind, the deadline to apply is October 25, 2021, as the winner will be announced during the first week in November.

To enter, click here.

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