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You would likely have a difficult time finding anyone who was not familiar with Bob Ross. He had a popular painting show where he would paint a watercolor painting during a single episode, and it caught on.

Not only did Bob Ross entertain a generation many decades ago, people these days are still familiar with his work, and even youngsters know the name, Bob Ross.

Photo: Flickr/haiden goggin License: CC BY 2.0

They are now making a movie inspired by the man and what he did. Actor Owen Wilson will play a Bob Ross likeness, and we are looking forward to it being released.

The trailer shows Wilson dressed similarly to what Ross wore when he was on The Joy of Painting. He also paints landscapes, just as Bob Ross did.

Photo: YouTube/IFC Films

Admittedly, the life of Bob Ross is behind this movie, but Wilson’s character really captures the essence of who he was.

From the customized van to the signature perm, you can tell he made himself “Bob Ross” for the show.

Photo: YouTube/IFC Films

It’s a show that does more than bring Bob Ross back to our minds. It is a comedy as well. Things are going nicely until a rival artist, played by Sierra Renée, comes up with her own program.

Check out the trailer below: