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Although you might see a number of strange things on the road, one of the weirdest is if you see the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile drive by. The Wienermobile is actually one of six different vehicles of the same design.

They are now getting a slightly updated design, as well as a new name. This is the first time they have been renamed since they were introduced in 1936. They will be known as the Frankmobile, as they shared on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

The new fleet of six vehicles will have newly designed decals on the outside, as well as Wiener Whistles.

A new class of drivers will also be driving the vehicles. Those drivers, which were once known as Hotdoggers are now known as Frankfurters.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

The change of name was in honor of the “100% Beef Franks” now being offered by Oscar Meyer. A press release describes the new branding, saying that the beef Franks have a “more balanced flavor profile and iconic beefy taste that is more delicious than ever – all while sparking miles of smiles and uniting fans around a love of meat.”

Many people are likely to be upset over the name change, but it is potentially just temporary. Oscar Meyer is only planning on using the name “Frankmobile” for a short amount of time.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

Something else that is being offered by Oscar Meyer is a “Franks for Franks” offer. If you happen to see a Frankmobile in your area, and if your name is Frank, you can go get a coupon for a free pack of hotdogs.

The unusual automobile has been around since 1936. Over the years, it served as a makeshift wedding chapel, a prom limo, and an Airbnb.