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There are lots of couples out there with unique ideas of what makes a great wedding. For couples that dream of potentially being married while the Weinermobile is in tow, this is their chance to make that fantasy into a reality.

Let’s face it, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is no stranger to the world of romance. It has been seen at proms and marriage proposals before but with this new plan, things can finally go to the next level.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

Now, the Weinermobile will be hosting the “Wienermobile of Love” event in Las Vegas, which is the first of its kind.

According to a Facebook post from the company, the “chapel” is slated to be parked next to the Little White Chapel from April 15-16. This gives couples the chance to enjoy a truly special wedding day and the chosen weddings will be all expenses paid.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

There are no shortage of benefits to these weddings, either. Couples will have the chance to take in a live performance from the “Wiener Whistle Quartet” and there will also be a wiener cake on hand. As you would expect, there are going to be plentiful photo opportunities. The ceremony itself will be filled with puns and is slated to be officiated by the Hotdoggers of Oscar Mayer.

Sign-ups were available through April 14 and the winners are to be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. That means that the people who are chosen should either be Las Vegas residents or have the ability to get to the city as quickly as possible.

Photo: Facebook/Oscar Mayer

If you are selected, be sure to bring your marriage license when it is time for your 30-minute designated time slot. According to a press release, Oscar Mayer says this decision was made because they had been receiving so many requests from couples who wanted the Weinermobile to be a part of their big day. The Weinermobile of Love now gives them the chance to enjoy a stress-free day, without having to worry about a costly reception or wedding ceremony

“Now, as more people seek stress-free ceremonies with their partners, our Hotdoggers are thrilled to reignite the joy of this special day and give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a wedding through a pair of meat-colored glasses,” said Ed Roland, senior manager brand communications for Oscar Mayer at The Kraft Heinz Company in the press release.