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When it comes to random emergencies, we are not always as prepared as we should be. Some hacks can prove to be extremely useful in certain situations and are worth getting familiar with. While this particular hack is best for camping trips, there is no telling when it might come in handy for you.

Dave Hax is the YouTube user who discovered this trick and shared it with the world. If you find yourself in a situation where all you have on hand are canned goods and no can opener, this hack is here to make life simpler for you.

All you need to do is use your spoon to create a series of dents in the weakest areas of the can’s surface. Once you have taken care of this step, it is time to navigate your way around the perimeter of the can. This gives you the chance to slice through the metal and reach the food inside. Before you attempt this hack, Dave Hax recommends wearing protective gloves.

Photo: Pixabay/ds_30

This is a good way to ensure your safety while you are accessing your favorite canned goods. If you have ever opened a can like this, you know how sharp the edges can be. It is very easy to give yourself a nasty cut if you are not being careful. I actually managed to cut all 5 of my fingers opening a can once, but that’s a story for another time. The last thing anyone can afford in these instances is a trip to the hospital. Don’t make the mistake of opening canned goods without proper protection.

Would you like to see this hack in action? Be sure to check out the video that Dave has provided so that you can steer clear of the usual pitfalls that tend to take place in these instances. Once you have had the chance to find out everything you need to know about this amazing hack, you will never struggle to open your canned goods again.

There is no shortage of survivalist tips that we need to remain aware of. All it takes is a few moments to educate yourself on the various hacks that you need to know more about. Survival in the great outdoors may seem challenging, but when you have access to pointers like these? Everything becomes a breeze. Take a moment to pass this one along to all of your closest friends and loved ones as well.