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Whether you are a die-hard sports fan or not, the Olympics provide a rather unique viewing experience. It does not matter what your personal experience level may be, these games offer us all the chance to root for our favorite countries and athletes. The games themselves are not the only aspect that intrigues many viewers, though.

We all are suckers for any sort of behind-the-scenes look at how the athletes live when they are spending time in the Olympic Village. Since the Olympics had to be pushed back a year due to the pandemic, things are a bit different than they normally are.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

These athletes are just like the rest of us, in the sense that they have had to adjust their normal routines a bit. That means that the dining halls have also been affected.

Fortunately for us, the TikTok app exists. Athletes have been uploading all sorts of clips and we have been enjoying each and every one of them. They are all so forthcoming about the experience, it definitely warms our hearts. It is important for these highly tuned athletes to receive the proper fuel and the food choices reflect that.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They have also established a specialized protocol to limit contact between the athletes and the servers. Tilly Kearns of the Australian water polo team shared a video that shed further light on how the team enjoys their meals. Hand sanitizing stations have been set up at each entrance and every athlete is provided with clean, disposable gloves.

Photo: TikTok/tillykearns

These are not the only protocols that have been put into place. In addition to the aforementioned precautions, face masks, individual plexiglass cubicles at the tables, and disinfecting wipes are also on hand. Tilly’s team has a 10-minute rule for their eating, and once they are done, they put on new, clean masks. Watch her video below:


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Harry McNulty, an Irish rugby player, showed off some of the food options. They have lots of choices, including pizza, pasta, stir fry, Halal, Japanese food, noodles, Roti, cereal, deli sandwiches, and more.

One thing is for sure: We need to step our game up. That way, we will have the chance to enjoy all of these delicious foods for ourselves. Nothing but the best for these incredible athletes! Check out his video below:


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