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If you happen to be a fan of dining out, then you likely have had your fair share of meals at the Olive Garden.

It’s a wonderful place to enjoy time with family and friends, but most people tend to stick to the regular menu.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Now, thanks to some Olive Garden employees and the social platform, TikTok, people are learning more about what is really on the menu. This includes several items that even an employee was surprised they could order when they started working for the restaurant.

The employee shared a video of the finding, saying:: “There’s so much s*** that you probably didn’t know about Olive Garden that I didn’t know — that I now know.”

Photo: TikTok/@mamapearlll

Of course, there are many viral posts on TikTok that talk about fast food and other food chains. This is just one of those, but it is something that any Olive Garden fan would want to know.

Although there aren’t any real secrets exposed, there are some items on the menu that you may never have considered before. This includes smoothies. To find them, you will have to look on the kid’s menu, but they are available.

Photo: flickr/glindsay65

Some other items that you can get include espresso, flavored lemonades, different types of sparkling water, and some coffee drinks.

Check out the TikTok video below:


Did you guys know you could order all these drinks?! #olivegardendrink #olivegardenhack #olivegardenbussin #didyouknowfacts #serverlife #servertiktok

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Most people were excited after learning about some of these hidden items on the menu. They also love the enthusiasm of the employee and are sure that she will do well.

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