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The DIY trend might seem like the handiwork of the millennials, but they have actually been a thing for quite some time now. We have to give props to the older folks because all of their hacks were purely word of mouth, but now Household Hacker has decided to put some of these old school hacks to the test.

We have heard about a few of these from our grandparents and have often wondered if they are truly effective tips or not. Before we share the full video findings, here are a few of the useful old hacks that surprised us!

For starters, massaging bacon actually does make a difference! By taking the time to roll the package in your hands a few times before opening it, you avoid the congealed bacon that happens so often.

What about the potato pincushion, though? Surely, this idea is not one that we need to be replicating in the modern-day. However, this is another old-timer hack that might surprise you. It actually works wonders for keeping your sharper items in perfect condition! Sure, this may look like some sort of bizarre Avant Garde art installation, but for some people, that may be a plus.

Photo: YouTube / Household Hacker

Finally, we were a bit surprised to learn that our oven mitts could be replaced by a dustpan. We don’t want to admit that we were wrong about the effectiveness of this one, but let’s just say that we won’t be taking our pizzas out of the oven with a mitt anytime soon.

Photo: YouTube / Household Hacker

To learn more about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of all the hacks, check out the legwork that has been handled already by Household Hacker. As it turns out, the old dogs are the ones who are able to teach us some much needed new tricks.