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When it comes to tiny homes, we can never get enough of them. They are fascinating to look at and we never want to stop perusing them.

You simply never know when a dwelling like this one might come in handy. Off-the-grid living has never looked so good, especially when you stop to take a closer look at the dwelling in question here.

Photo: Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures

The tiny home that you are about to see today is comprised of five different shipping containers, all of which are 20′ long. Rosie, the owner, constructed this tiny home out of the shipping containers and the end results are absolutely fantastic.

Located in the middle of a conservation area in New Zealand, the tiny home is able to off solar power, a composting toilet, and the rainwater that she has collected.

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House
Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

Rosie was intrigued by the industrial look and the durability that these shipping containers have to offer and who could blame her? While some may not see the vision here, Rosie took one look at these shipping containers and she saw endless possibilities. The best part of all is that she has provided herself with the necessary flexibility to add more shipping containers in the future.

The home has plenty of amenities as well. We were blown away when we saw Rosie’s mudroom, which also serves as her utility room. This room leads into the home’s main area, where she can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding forest. The sliding glass doors serve as a great place for her to relax and chill.

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

The kitchen is far more spacious than anyone ever could have expected, with lots of room for storage and full-size appliances. The exposed plywood lines that are visible throughout the ceiling and walls only serve to add to the rustic feel.

We are absolutely loving the natural vibes that this home has to offer and we love all of the little flourishes that Rosie was able to come up with.

Photo: YouTube/Living Big In A Tiny House

The wood-burning fireplace keeps the house warm on the cold ways and we love the adjoining library that she was able to put together. If we didn’t know better already, we would have had no idea that this was actually a tiny home.

If you would like to take in this home for yourself, please be sure to check out the following video:

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