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This story originally appeared at American Web Media by Robert Winthrop.

Dancing is a way for people to connect through a medium different than words and language. Dancing allows people to communicate with their bodies and through movement as they interpret music and join together as a community. There’s a reason why dancing has been a part of so many different human practices, spiritual or otherwise, and continues to unite us as a people today.

From the jazz era and through the 1980s, people learned the popular dances of the time and went out with their friends to perform them. And as movies started to gain popularity, dancing took the leap to the big screen. When movies like “Saturday Night Fever,” “Dirty Dancing,” and “Footloose” were released, the nation was enthralled. Even to this day, these movies remain classics that people adore and watch over and over again.

Although “Saturday Night Fever” with John Travolta is a classic, the dance movies of the 1980s continue to attract a certain cult following. There was just something about the uplifting messages of the movies and the dance moves that got people excited. That’s the only reason we have this video for you today. If it weren’t for the generation of performers and the classic dance movies of the 1980s, the students at Bodscheller Dance School would never have put together this stellar Octoberfest dance performance.

Enjoy this video as the audience did when it was filmed. Maybe you’ll even want to grab yourself a drink as the audience did. The audience prepares to watch the Bodscheller School dancers perform their recital, never expecting to be slammed with a wave of nostalgia like they were. As the pairs of young women and men entered the room, the upbeat music begins and the crowd grew wild. In a matter of moments, people were clapping for the performers as they did what they came there to do – give the audience in that hall the performance of their lives. While it might not have been on the Madison Square Garden stage, these performers danced as if they were on a big stage, imbuing every step with heart and soul.

The audience was stunned to watch the dancers nail moves from “Dirty Dancing.” Audience members take out their phones and started to film the great display of talent. The dancers put on a stellar performance.

Take a few moments to watch this nostalgic performance.

What do you think about the dancers from the Bodscheller dance school?

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