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This story finally provided us with an answer to a question that we have been pondering for quite some time now. If you have been mattress shopping lately, you have probably noticed something. The mattresses no longer seem to come with handles. They used to be right there, stitched to the sides, ready to go. Those who did not notice this at the store will notice at home.

It is a hard thing to miss once it comes time to reposition the mattress. If you are anything like us, this story has us wondering why you have not noticed this.

Photo: Flickr/HS You License: CC BY-ND 2.0

Or, you may have noticed already and you are wondering why the change has been made. The answer is actually much simpler than you may have realized, too. As it turns out, we were not using them in the proper manner.

Innerspring mattresses (these are the ones that you will see that have steel coils in them) will typically come with handles along the perimeter. When it comes time for the mattress to be flipped or repositioned, that is when the handles come into play.

Photo: Flickr/Eric License: CC BY 2.0

Of course, there is a major issue there that has yet to be addressed. These handles are not made for this purpose. That’s why you have to take the time to read the fine print.

According to the mattress company Serta, if the mattress is flipped by using the handles, major issues can ensue.

Photo: Pixabay/congerdesign

All you have to do is take a closer look at the “Dos and Don’ts,” where Serta offers up a dire warning: “Don’t lift your mattress by the handles (if included). Handles are designed to position the mattress only.”

Tempur-Pedic issues a similar warning on its website as well. “The handles included on some Tempur-Pedic mattresses are for positioning purposes only—not for carrying,” they say. “Handles are provided to assist in positioning the mattress on the foundation. Using the handles to carry the mattress may tear the fabric,” Simmons adds.

No one knows exactly when the handles were phased out, just that they have been. Perhaps it has something to do with the improper use!