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When celebs are willing to open up and tell the world more about their skincare secrets, we are always willing to listen. After all, these people manage to extend their physical prime time and time again.

Anyone who is looking to replicate their secrets would do well to sit back and listen. Nicole Kidman is certainly no different in this regard. Can you believe how good she looks at age 54?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Michael Albov

We love when a step-by-step process is provided so that we can add it to our daily routine. We also love to hear them talk about the brands and products that they use. While some celebs may have a relatively involved process, that does not mean that you need to emulate them to have great skin. Sometimes, the solutions can be more simple than we expect them to be.

When Nicole Kidman shared her routine, we were pleasantly surprised. She does not have a highly involved routine at all. In fact, she only uses two products on her face. She starts by making sure to pull her hair back, so that it is not in her way. To wash away her makeup, she uses Clarity Foaming Cleanser by Sera Labs.

Photo: YouTube/Harper’s BAZAAR

Once this step has been taken care of, there is just one more product to add. Seratopical Radiant Glow Oil is used, which also happens to be made by Sera Labs. The oil is rubbed onto her face because she is the type of person who likes to have moist skin. It makes all of the sense in the world to us.

That’s it, that’s all. There are no other products being used. Kidman does admit that she also likes to exfoliate, which gives her something in common with many of us.

Photo: YouTube/Harper’s BAZAAR

We are grateful that Kidman is sharing her routine and putting all of the rumors to rest. Gone are the days of assuming that every celebrity is spending a small fortune on their facial upkeep.

Watch her routine in the video below:

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