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If you know anything about football, you know that Buffalo Bills fans are among the most rabid that the sport has to offer. Whether you have seen them power bombing through flaming tables or you have seen them rally around their favorite players during their time of need, their dedication to their team is admirable.

Recently, the weather forecast in Buffalo called for an insane, record-breaking amount of snow. Obviously, this poses a major problem for anyone who is looking to play an outdoor sport.

Photo: flickr/Erik Drost

The massive amount of snow forced the Buffalo Bills to move their Sunday home game against the Cleveland Browns to a neutral location. There was only one issue left: The players would need to be dug out of their homes so that they could catch their flight to Detroit.

According to Rochester First, Norm Marshall hopped out of bed at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning to help out with this arduous task. Unfortunately, the plow guy who had tried to clear the streets had ended up piling even more snow in front of star quarterback Josh Allen’s house.

“I stopped the plow guy, and I said, ‘Hey! You can’t push the snow there. That’s Josh Allen’s’,” Marshall recalls, according to the outlet. “It was piled tight because they pushed all the snow against his driveway.”

Marshall knew that he would not be able to get to the game if they did not help out. That’s why he rounded up his neighbors, Marc Braun and “Squirrel” Winter, to assist him with this task. “We finished my driveway and we did two other neighbor’s driveways,” Braun said. “I noticed there was a lot of commotion going on up at Josh’s driveway.”

Photo: Twitter/patrickryanreports

Braun and Marshall were doing their best to clear the snow on their own but finally, Winter arrived with his own snow plow. “They had ATVs, snowmobiles, pickup trucks, and they were trying to get back to Josh,” said Braun. It took them three hours to clear away all of the snow from Josh’s driveway but they were happy to help him out. In their minds, it was the least that they could do.

News broadcaster Patrick Ryan shared about their actions on Twitter, showing photos of the situation and you can really see how much snow they had to shovel away!