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The New England Confectionary Company was forced to close their doors two years ago, taking some of our favorite candies with them. While this development came as a major blow to all of the Necco fans out there, we are here to provide you with some happier news: Necco wafers are going to making their way back to store shelves!

The candies were first created all the way back in the 1800’s. That’s right, the people of 1847 were dining on the same Necco wafers that we know and love today. Once the factory closed two years ago, we thought that they were going to be leaving store shelves forever. Spangler Candy Company, based out of Ohio, rescued the wafers when they decided to purchase Necco.

They’re back! The Original Candy Wafers are ready to delight devoted fans and make new ones, too! Learn more about the…

Posted by Spangler Candy on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Not only is the Spangler Candy Company going to be bringing back the wafers but they are also going to be keeping all eight of the original flavors. The classic logo has also been kept, much to our delight. It’s apparent that this is one candy company that is acutely aware of what the people want and they sure do know how to provide it.

The best part of this return is that we are able to make all sorts of jokes with our friends. You see, Necco wafers are some of the most divisive candies known to man. You either love them or you absolutely despise them, there is no middle ground. There are some who will compare these candies to all sorts of disgusting items (like chalk) and others who are unable to get enough.

Photo: flickr

It is telling that the sales of these candies started to skyrocket once news of the factory’s shutdown started to make the rounds. In fact, sales went up by 63 percent in the wake of the announcement. This makes us feel much better about our Necco fandom, that is for sure. Whether you love these candies or you would rather eat chalk, they are an undeniable American classic.

Even if you are not a fan, these wafers are going to evoke a certain nostalgic feeling. They remind us of Grandma’s house!

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