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If you never read the books, you’ve at least seen the films, and by this, I’m referring to The Chronicles of Narnia. The works of the famous C.S. Lewis are right up there with those of J. R. R. Tolkien.

In fact, both Tolkien and Lewis were writing buddies and part of the same critique circle. It’s no wonder that they came up with some incredible works of fiction together. While Tolkien might have taken us to Middle Earth, Lewis took us to the enchanting Narnia.

Photo: Flickr/Martin Pettitt License: CC BY 2.0

In case you haven’t read the books or even seen the movies, The Chronicles of Narnia follows a group of four siblings during the second world war. They’re shipped off to the countryside to stay with relatives during an evacuation of London.

While in the countryside, the kids discover a magic wardrobe that ends up transporting them to the mystical realm of Narnia. From there, their adventures in Narnia span over seven books.

Photo: TikTok/@barstoolsports

While I’m sure we’d all love a magic wardrobe that transports us to magic lands, we can’t exactly get what we wish for. However, one grandpa has shown that a magic wardrobe is possible in our world – just maybe not how we’d imagine it.

In a TikTok video, we see the old man opening up his wardrobe to reveal a door in the back.

Photo: TikTok/@barstoolsports

That back door in the closet then opens up to the next best thing akin to magic: a library. Yes, while we might not have real magic in our world, books provide us the fantastical escape that we so often crave. This grandpa’s set up is pretty sweet too. Not only does he have a really roomy reading room, but there’s also a bar inside!

Watch the video below:


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What do you think of this grandpa’s Narnia closet library? Would you want one built into your home? Let us know!