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With each passing year, we love gardening more and more. There is something to be said for the sheer level of peace and quiet that you are able to enjoy while tending to a garden.

One of the best parts of gardening is learning new tips and hacks to make our planter boxes and flower beds look nicer than ever before. Thanks to Rachel Egland, there’s a new tip making the rounds that’s perfect for planting seeds.

Photo: freeimageslive

She shared on Facebook a way to create uniform seed holes and save space and time by using a muffin tin!

She said, “I’m about to plant some carrot, beet and parsnip seeds and thought I’d share this tip I learned awhile back. It works well when you have raised beds and limited space! I use a mini muffin tin and press it into the dirt to create my seed holes.”

Photo: Facebook/Rachel Egland

Some people commented on her post and agreed that the muffin tin worked!

One person said, “I plant my carrots like this every year. Works great!”

Another person wrote, “I do this in my garden, too. I rake the soil into seed beds the width of the muffin tin some I do twice the width. Works very well.”

Photo: Pixabay

This sure beats taking the time and effort to dig hole after hole, unsure of the width or depth. We are already psyched as we think about all of the time that we get to save with this hack!