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Hard seltzers have been all the rage for quite some time and it seems new versions are popping up all the time. One of the newest innovations in hard seltzer comes from a collaboration between Boston Beer Company and Pepsi.

The Pepsi company is responsible for making Mountain Dew, while the Boston Beer Company is known for their Sam Adams lagers. Now, they are going to be offering up a Mountain Dew flavor seltzer. These hard seltzers all clock in at 5% ABV and all of the classic flavors that you know and love will be presented and accounted for.

Photo: Unsplash/Yutacar

You’ll be able to enjoy regular Mountain Dew, Black Cherry, and Watermelon, for starters. All three of these flavors are going to come with zero sugar. The malt beverages both natural and artificial flavors so you can be sure they’ll be tasty, despite being sugar-free.

Did these people accidentally invent Four Loko again? Are they sending the next generation out onto the wrong path? As anyone who lived through the Four Loko era can tell you, it is not easy to be this lit!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Yes, we are big fans of the beverage ourselves and we cannot wait to try these out. After the year we have been through, another Four Loko run sounds mighty nice.

How are these going to stack up from a flavor standpoint, however? That’s the most important question that has to be answered here and we are on the case. Black cherry is a fairly common option in the hard seltzer world but the other flavors remain to be seen. A more citrusy version of Mountain Dew sounds like an absolute smash hit to us.

Before you run to the store to grab some for yourself, we must warn you. They won’t be in stores until early 2022.

In the meantime, we are going to be spiking our Mountain Dew and trying our best to recreate this experience in our own homes.

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