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Mountain Dew and Cheetos may both be owned by PepsiCo but we never expected them to come together and collaborate. It makes sense when we stop to think about it. After all, we do enjoy eating our Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while drinking a Mountain Dew and they’re both owned by the same company. It’s almost like it’s destined to be!

So how are they going about mixing these two together? As it turns out, your Mountain Dew is about to get a whole lot spicier. This is the sort of flaming hot drink that we have never seen in our entire lives. You may need to get your extinguisher ready now because this one is sure to be an absolute doozy.

Photo: flickr/theimpulsivebuy

It’s the sort of thing that makes you think that you are being tricked. In fact, one of our first thoughts, when they rolled this out on social media, was that they should have been willing to wait until April 1st to share this one. Lots of people would have thought that they were on the wrong end of some sort of prank.

The Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot is the furthest thing from a joke, though. Anyone who does not think that this soda is real is deluding themselves. It’s going to happen, whether you want it to or not. In the interest of full disclosure, we appreciate the spicy side of life and we are very intrigued by what is about to take place here.

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It’s like if they made Fireball but did not add any alcohol to it. We have not tasted it yet but this is our best guess as to what it might taste like. The sweet taste of Mountain Dew has been combined with the blazing heat of the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto to create a whole new flavor experience. Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot is not going to be available on store shelves, though.

You’ll have to visit the online DEW store if you would like to learn more. The beverages will be made available on August 31 and we suggest that you move quickly because they are going to sell out quickly, we are sure.

In order to stay on top of things, we also politely suggest that you throw a follow to the Mountain Dew accounts on Instagram and Twitter. They’ll let you know what’s what!