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There are two types of people in this world, those who enjoy eating food in bed and others who would never allow it.

According to the New York Post, a recent poll found that 34% of people fall into the category that does not want food to be eaten under the covers. That may include all foods, but it is more likely to include foods that tend to be messy, such as ramen noodles, curry, or tacos.

Photo: PXHERE/Dana Tentis

In order to make that determination, 2000 Americans were part of a unique survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of bakery St Pierre. Some of the interesting things they discovered while doing the survey included that 85% were looking forward to breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day, and 47% ate snacks or meals in their own bed.

Some of the things that were preferable for eating in bed by almost everybody in the survey included ice cream, fruit, and chocolate. They also said breakfast was the best meal to eat in bed, with 52% weighing in that direction.

44% of those surveyed felt that food in bed was romantic, and 26% thought it was lazy.

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According to Yahoo!, a spokesperson for St. Pierre said there is a divide when it comes to eating in bed. They said: “While some will allow a greasy takeaway box or messy sauce covered meal in the boudoir, others understandably draw the line at anything other than breakfast.”

Valentine’s was an interesting time of year to conduct the survey because 69% planned to make breakfast in bed for a loved one. 16% of those polled were hoping to be the ones who received breakfast in bed.

72% said they had to get rid of the sheets because of food spills, and 49% asked someone to leave because of crumbs. In order to avoid these problems, 70% will use napkins, 63% a tray, and 52% a towel.

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What are some common situations that cause people to eat in bed? 66% said that it was watching TV. 52% would do it on a date, and 54% would eat in bed on the weekends.

Interestingly, 74% of those surveyed said they would rather eat in somebody else’s bed. Maybe that is a limit to consider.