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If there is one thing that most of us missed during the pandemic, it was the ability to hit the road and go on vacation. There is nothing quite like a road trip because it allows you to see the countryside and to stop when you want to stop.

Then again, not every road trip is going to be enjoyable and they are often planned far in advance so that we can take the perfect route from here to there. The last thing that we would want is to end up in an accident, so avoiding any dangerous roads is the key to success.

Photo: Pixels

Fortunately, we now have a tool that helps us to avoid dangerous highways. It was created by marketing agency NeoMam after they were commissioned by BudgetDirect.

The map is rather interesting, in that it shows the most dangerous roads in every country. This includes in the United States, where Interstate 45 in Texas is at the top of the list. How dangerous is that stretch of road? For every 100 miles of road between Galveston, Dallas, and Houston, there are 56.5 fatal accidents on record.

Photo: Budget Direct

If you happen to be traveling to Bolivia, you may want to avoid what is lovingly known as “Death Road.” It is a 10-foot wide path that winds along a mountain with a 2000 foot sheer drop on one side. Every year, as many as 300 people die on that mountain road.

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An equally ominous name for a dangerous highway is the Dead Sea Highway, part of Highway 90 in Israel. The road itself was not designed well, and in 2018, 17 people died over the span of two weeks.

If this has your attention, then it would be a good idea to check the map and avoid those roads on your travels. It’s just another hazard to watch out for when you are planning an epic road trip.