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When we think about sports stars and influencers, our thoughts often turn to some of the larger sports, such as baseball, tennis, or football. You really can’t ignore any sport as far as influencers are concerned, and some sports have something very unique to offer.

That is where Molly Schuyler comes in. In the world of competitive eating, she is a champion and she proved it when she sat down at a bar in Western Michigan and chowed down on 50 chili dogs in only 22 minutes.

Photo: YouTube/WOOD TV8

Interestingly, it wasn’t part of a challenge but she just showed up one day and started eating at The Corner Bar in Rockford according to local statino Wood TV.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Her server, Lisa Paavo, spoke with the station about how she had eaten 44 hot dogs in the first 19 minutes.

She then brought her out six more hot dogs and by the time 22 minutes were up, she had downed all 50 of them!

Photo: flickr/Doran

This isn’t the first time that a competitive eater has graced the establishment. Tim “Eater X” Janus visited the bar in 2006 and ate 43 1/2 chili dogs.

Of course, they both got their name on the wall but then again, if you can eat only 12 hot dogs in four hours, the honor goes to you as well.

Photo: YouTube/WOOD TV8

Just how many people have their names on the wall? According to manager John Vanaman, it is close to 6000 names. If you do the math, that’s about 72,000 chili dogs!

Schuyler apparently thought she could do better and asked if she could return and try again. She was invited back by the manager, any time she wanted to visit.

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