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This Company Ships Adorable Mini Lemon And Lime Trees To Your Home

If you’re ready to take your green thumb to the next level, then these plants can do it in an awesome way.

Most of us tend to use a lot more limes than we realize. It doesn’t matter if we are whipping up a bowl of our famous guacamole or trying to make an awesome Mojito if you don’t have a lime that is soft and juicy at your disposal, it just isn’t going to be the same. Rather than dealing with that frustration all over again, you can actually have your own citrus tree with unlimited fruit!

Simple Most reported that Via Citrus is doing something that all of us need in our lives. They are offering miniature potted citrus trees and they deliver them right to your door! Your choices include a mini Meyer lemon, Key lime, or Calamondin (picture a half mandarin orange and half kumquat) tree and you may never run out of fruit again.

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No disrespect to Kermit, but for some of us it IS easy being green 🐸

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If you’re ready to take your green thumb to the next level, then these plants can do it in an awesome way. The miniature trees start at around $65, but you can pay up to $80 if you also want them to include a beautiful white pot. Incidentally, the pot is made from recycled plastic so you’re doing the earth a favor as well.

As the plants grow, you can expect them to get between 18-22 inches tall and up to 8 inches wide, depending upon what season we’re in. You also need to put them in a sunny spot, because they need 6 to 8 hours of sun per day. You can always buy a grow light from Via Citrus, just in case you need one.

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This year get your Mom something that lasts! Our Meyer Lemons come ready to fruit, straight from the farm.

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Before you jump headlong into this great deal, keep the following in mind. You will have to be ready for the delivery because the company ships from their farm on Monday and Wednesday mornings. In addition, be cautious of your animals because lemon and lime trees are on the ASPCA’s list of plants toxic to animals

Once you have your citrus tree in your home, you will be amazed by everything you will make from it. It’s an option you can’t live without, so just in case they are sold out, check with a local farm or garden center to see if something similar is available.