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There are no shortage of awesome food hacks to be found on the Internet these days, thanks to the world of TikTok. We have never heard of anything this crazy, though. “Cucumber milking” is the latest trend to take over on this app and we cannot get over it. Those who take the time to learn more about this practice are able to enjoy much sweeter cucumbers.

The “milking” is designed to remove all of the bitterness from the equation. BuzzFeed is responsible for bringing this to our attention initially. basicallyperkfect is the true originator, though. This is a cooking secret that she learned from one of her family members. Her sister in law taught her how to slice off the end of the cucumber and “milk” it.

Once you have sliced the end of the cucumber off, you need to rub it on your slices. This is where the milking takes place. It is time to rub the slices until they turn white, i.e. milky. When the process is over, you will have cucumber slices that taste far more fresh and juicy. The concept sounds somewhat horrifying but we are not scared. It’s time for a change.

We’re tired of the usual cucumber slices that do not taste as good as they look. Did you know that this process is actually designed to remove all of the cucurbitacins from the cucumber? It is found on the roots, stem, and leaves of the plant, as well as the skin. Don’t give up too quickly on the milking process, either. You may need to allow the cucumber to dry a bit first.


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If you ever had a sweet cucumber before, you already know the difference between the two. Results tend to vary, at least in our experience. For every bitter cucumber that we have found in the past, there is another sweet one that hits a bit different. Some may say that you can simply cut the skin off the cucumber for best results but that does not work as well as this hack.

There is even a study from Oregon State that addresses the matter. Apparently, we are more likely to find sweet cucumbers at the grocery store. You would think that the wild cucumbers would taste sweetest but the opposite is actually true! As it turns out, you really do learn something new every day. Be sure to pass this hack along to the cucumber lovers in your life.

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