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We’re going to face some uncomfortable moments in life but being in the hot seat during an interview is undoubtedly one of the more uncomfortable things we will experience. That is especially true if you are interviewing for a big company, such as Microsoft.

A former employee of that software giant has now come forward in a viral video to reveal one of the questions he used to ask those who were seeking to get hired. It wasn’t long before people on TikTok were up in arms.

Photo: flickr/Amtec Photos

Footage of Ryan J. Salva was shared in the video. He is the former director of product at Microsoft and the current vice president of product at GitHub.

Silva revealed that he would ask those sitting in for an interview an unconventional question to break the ice.

Photo: TikTok/@lennyrachitsky

The icebreaker question was one that many people would probably find interesting. He wanted those sitting in for the interview to teach him something new within one minute.

After they would teach him something, he would then judge them according to three different factors: completeness, complexity, and clarity.

Photo: TikTok/@lennyrachitsky

It wasn’t long before TikTok users were coming out of the woodwork, lambasting him for his unusual approach.

Some people claim that they were asked something similar during an interview and walked out and others said that they would not work for somebody who asked a question like this during an interview.


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In the end, it really is up to the interviewer to decide whether they are going to ask such an unusual question or not. If you post it on TikTok, however, you should be ready for some heavy backlash.