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House tours are the best, aren’t they? Whether we are talking about celebrities or even our friends and loved ones, these tours are always a lot of fun.

Now, fans of the Sopranos and/or White Lotus are being given the chance to see how one of their favorite actors lives. That’s right, the one and only Michael Imperioli is here to showcase his NYC home and you will definitely want to check this one out.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

The good folks at Architectural Digest were more than happy to stop by, as you would expect, and they shared the house tour on YouTube.

His ornate apartment is filled with all sorts of delightful antiques but that’s not all that you are going to see. Imperioli’s home has also provided his wife Victoria with the chance to showcase all of her incredible interior design talents.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

While some may know Michael from the brash character that he played on the popular HBO mob drama, he is the total opposite of Christopher. If you have never seen the actor in his natural element, you may be surprised by how soft-spoken he is. He was sure to provide the audience with lots of background information, though. He let them know exactly how much each piece means to him.

The apartment serves as his sanctuary for all of the hustle and bustle that the city has to offer, which makes perfect sense to us.

Photo: YouTube/Architectural Digest

We are sure that NYC can be draining, even when you are a beloved actor. Michael actually made his return to the city semi-recently, as he was living in Los Angeles with his children. Once they were grown, he made his triumphant return.

“Returning to the east coast as empty nesters following years in California, Michael and wife Victoria, an interior and set designer, outfitted their new home around an extensive art collection acquired mostly in antique shops over nearly three decades,” the description reads.

It is always fun when actors let us behind the curtain. This certainly adds an element of mystery to his performances, now that we know what type he is when the cameras are not rolling.