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Tristan Dare is a 19-year-old who has quite a hobby. He is a bladesmith, and he is doing more than simply creating and crafting knives, he is taking it to a whole new level.

At times, Dare will use unusual items in order to create his blades. That includes a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite that he made into a blade called Nebula. The out-of-this-world knife was then even made more beautiful with gold, opal, and even a woolly mammoth tooth in the handle.

Photo: YouTube/Tristan Dare

Dare posted information about how he created the blade from the meteorite in a YouTube video last year. He takes us through the process from the time when it is just raw material to the point where it is sharpened to perfection.

There are many people who love creating and reworking knives, but Dare creates things out of material that makes them truly unique. If you look at the blade carefully, you can see that the ancient metal has patterns that are still etched into it.

Photo: YouTube/Tristan Dare

This isn’t just a passing interest for the young bladesmith. He started working on knives when he was only 11 years old. It actually began with some woodworking, as his grandfather was a woodworker and he wanted to pass on the tricks of the trade to him.

He stayed with woodworking for a while and even began winning contests, but he wanted to make his own tools in order to truly appreciate the craft. That is when he started working with metal and he hasn’t looked back since.

Photo: YouTube/Tristan Dare

Although his grandfather taught him about woodworking, he learned much of what he knows about bladesmithing through trial and error. Fortunately, he has gotten to the point where it is very little error and at this point, it is just beautiful pieces that he creates.

It is not unusual for Dare to work with meteorites, and he creates some rather unusual items from them. The handles also add a unique touch, as he often uses prehistoric materials in order to make them even more beautiful.