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Many of us who work for a living have a difficult time striking a balance between our work life and our personal life. That is especially true if we work for a company that is putting large demands on our time. Suddenly, even getting away for a weekend with your family seems as if it is an impossibility.

This is not an unusual occurrence and far too many people have to deal with such unusual and unreasonable demands on their time. Rather than being able to care for their family on a personal level, they now have to work and leave their family to fend for themselves. Of course, we all realize that we have to make money, but sometimes, we just want to care for our family directly.


The pandemic has made things even worse, and although some are working from home, there are also many who have unusual demands put on their time, even when doing so.

It can be a balancing act, to say the least. Many of us are finding ourselves working from home and working for a company that has never had those types of employees.

Photo: Unsplash/Mikey Harris

Sometimes, you just want to vent about the situation, and the VP of communication at Altria, Megan Weatherspoon, finally had enough. She is someone who knows how important it is for people to care for their families and she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion.

She went on LinkedIn to talk about what she cares about as a manager as well as what she doesn’t care about.

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In part, she said: “I DO care that your daughter is home with yet another ear infection. I DO NOT care that you’ll be offline for 2 hours this afternoon for her doctor’s appointment.”

In the end, she said that she cared that the employees deliver quality work and give it their best. What she doesn’t care about is how or when they get their work done.

You can read the entire post for yourself here:

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