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Like many people, you have probably used DoorDash because it is a convenient way to get food. It isn’t just the pandemic that makes it convenient, it’s the fact that we don’t have to leave our home to have some great take-out.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some problems that may be associated with this form of food delivery. That fact recently came to light, thanks to a hilarious TikTok video of a customer who claims to have been trapped inside of his home.

Photo: flickr/GoToVan

It wasn’t something that the delivery driver did on purpose in order to trap him in his home. Rather, he left him a cup of coffee just inches from his front door and that was the only way out of the apartment!

After the video was shared by Alex Bradshaw on his TikTok channel, it really got a lot of attention. The video shows him trying to open his door and figure out how to get it open far enough so he can get his coffee without knocking it over and spilling the entire thing.

Photo: TikTok/slopshaw
Photo: TikTok/slopshaw

It seems to have struck a chord because over 2.7 million people have viewed it since it was posted. There are also plenty of suggestions on how to get the coffee, although most of them are pretty much useless at this point.

In the end, Alex doesn’t tell us how he eventually dealt with the situation. He also drew some criticism for ordering a cup of coffee to be delivered. In any case, it’s a funny video and well worth the watch. Check it out below:


It’s ok, I do some DoorDash driving from time to time, I can criticize #doordash #coffee #doordash

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