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When it comes to art, they sometimes say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ll have to agree with that statement, but then again, I’ll also have to say that sometimes people take things a little bit too far.

This was seen in a most hilarious way when a man by the name of Joseph Hodson bought a bulk of pictures to give to friends as a gag gift. Little did he know that he didn’t have quite that many friends, so he decided to take things in a different direction.

Photo: Facebook/Joseph Hodson

Hodson took out an ad on Facebook Marketplace, offering to sell these pictures of himself to others. He may have done so in fun, but now it seems as if it is taking on a life of its own.

The ad says: “This is literally just a framed photo of me. (compliments any room, makes a great gift for children and adults, promotes a welcoming, warm, and happy start to your day. maybe throw me on your nightstand and wake up with a smile. take me on walks with your children. bring me to your favorite national park. Travel internationally with me by your side. Beautiful oak frame able to withstand perilous occasions. please call with any further questions about the utility of this photo. OSHA approved for those wondering).”

Photo: Facebook/Joseph Hodson

Hodson spoke with Sunny Skyz, saying that he purchased the photos in bulk online. He wanted to give them to friends as a horrible gift. After all, they were framed pictures of himself and now they would have to deal with those pictures for the rest of their life because nobody throws something like this away!

After finding out he had too many of these pictures left over, he hit the Internet and then decided to sell them on Facebook Marketplace. Little did he know that over 31,000 people would view the ad and 700 messages have come in about them.

Photo: Facebook/Joseph Hodson

Along with receiving these personal messages, Joseph is also now featured in a number of online groups. This includes a sumo wrestling community in Canada and a female-only group: “are we dating the same guy?”

Joseph admits he’s not exactly sure why he is being put in those Facebook groups, but he’s having a lot of fun. He probably won’t be buying a mansion since the photos are only selling for $10 each, but who knows what the Internet has in store for him?