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Like many of us, Billy Brendan looked in the mirror one day and decided that he was ready to make a change. He issued a challenge to himself: He would run every single day. Best of all, he wanted to document the changes that were taking place. He shared the journey on his YouTube channel, providing everyone with some much-needed inspiration for the New Year.

He weighed over 230lbs when he started the challenge. Billy was unable to run for more than 15 minutes a time, either. However, he did not let that stop him. The excuses that hold back so many others were not going to become a part of his vocabulary.

He even filmed himself running on the treadmill without a shirt on, so that everyone would have a clearer picture of the hard work that was ahead of him.

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It took 9 months of running every single day, but Billy was able to shed a whopping 55 pounds during that time. By the time November rolled around, he had gotten his weight down from around 238lbs to 183lbs.

Once he achieved his goal, he knew that he needed to give himself a little bit of downtime. He wrote in the caption of his video, “I realized that I needed to take a break from running every day. I was making myself unwell as I was trying to balance my full time job, several side projects, exercising every day and some personal issues. For these reasons, I will be taking a break from running every day over the next two months (November/ December) to focus on my physical and mental health and to enjoy myself over Christmas and some holidays that I have planned. I will still keep up with other exercises and will try to maintain my weight but I really do need a rest.”

Photo: YouTube /Billy Brendan

After all that hard work, we’re glad he allowed himself some grace to enjoy the holiday season and give his body some rest.

With the New Year just about here, many people are taking stock of the accomplishments they’ve achieved
– and the ones they’ve yet to see through. Weight loss often falls into the latter category, which explains why people often choose weight loss or fitness as a New Years Resolution.

If you’d like some inspiration for your New Year’s Resolution goals, check out Billy’s amazing transformation:

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