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If you have gray, silver, or salt-and-pepper hair then you may sometimes feel that your hair has changed how people perceive you. You may also still be doing your makeup the same as before your hair changed. But, experts have a few helpful makeup tips that are specific to women with gray hair. These are tricks that can apply to everyone, but they particularly help women with silver hair to look pulled together and effortless.

2 mature women applying makeup
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Wear a Light Foundation

A tinted moisturizer with an SPF is an ideal product for women with white hair. The dewy finish will look anything but powdery, and the SPF can slow down the signs of aging. A bit of concealer under the eyes or setting powder on the T-zone can be used if needed, but a fresh and light face will do wonders for mature women.

mature woman with no-makeup makeup look
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Use an eyebrow gel, powder, or pencil to add definition or even to fill in missing brow hairs. It may seem like a small thing, but adding this step into your routine can really change how you look since stronger eyebrows tend to frame the face well.

Pick a shade that works well with your current hair color. These are often colors on the ashier side of the spectrum since white hair lacks the deep hues of chestnut, red, or black that many people had when they were young. An ash blonde, dusty brown, or cold grey would be ideal colors to use.

woman with silver hair and red lipstick
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Soft Eyeliner

Instead of a harsh black line, a softer eyeliner in navy, brown, or charcoal can frame the eyes in a more subtle way. For an even softer look you can apply a “liner” of wetted eyeshadow on an eyeliner brush to make your own in any shade you like (though they won’t be smudge proof). Deemphasizing harsh lines can be a very flattering approach to using makeup as we age.

mature woman wearing red lipstick
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Just Enough Color

Use a soft blush to add just enough color to cheeks. You don’t want a harsh line or a theatrical look. To add to the soft and dewy presentation consider a cream or watercolor blush that will blend into surrounding skin with ease.

woman with grey hair applying blush to her cheeks
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Bold Lips

One positive thing about going gray is that, depending on your undertones and skin shade, you can probably get away with wearing bright, bold colors that might have seemed too intense years ago. Vivid reds, fuchsias, and mauves can look absolutely stunning with gray hair.

On the other hand you may find that as your hair loses pigment that your previous shades of nude lip color no longer look as good and that’s because neutral lip color can wash out someone with silver locks. If you love wearing nude lip color anyway, consider picking a slightly more coral or pink color to add more vitality to your overall look.

mature woman wearing red lipstick
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As we said these makeup tips can work for everyone, but for women with silver hair they can really open the face up and accentuate the attributes that you love most about yourself. But, in the end you should only wear what makes you feel really good- no matter your hair color!

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