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Our toothbrushes are extremely important to our dental hygiene. But don’t you hate buying a toothbrush only to have it begin to fall apart a week or two later. Buying toothbrushes over and over again can get quite pricey.

In fact, ACNielsen did a study that found Americans spend roughly $775 million dollars every year on toothbrushes alone! So if you don’t want to be replacing your toothbrushes sooner than you have to, here are some tips that might help keep your toothbrush looking like new.

The best part about this toothbrush revitalization is that it’s only two simple steps. The toothbrush hack is the specialty of MAD Science Hacks, who shared a video of how to make a toothbrush look new again.

Photo: Pixabay

Here are the two steps below:

1. Use Hot Water

Boil two cups of water, then pour them in a bowl. The size of the bowl doesn’t matter, but only use glass or ceramic bowls because paper or plastic can have horrible consequences.

2. Wash The Brush

While holding your used toothbrush, gently roll the bristles around in the boiled water – almost like you’re stirring soup or a thick sauce. Continue the stirring motion for about a minute. After a little bit of time, you should start to notice some results.

The best part of this trick is that is super simple and time-efficient. While it’s pretty easy, there is an even easier method for those who don’t want to spend a minute or so doing a stirring motion. And that would be using your dishwasher.

The best thing is that the dishwasher will be just as effective in reinvigorating your toothbrush as the method above, but you literally don’t have to do a thing. But you don’t have to worry about overloading your dishwasher – the method will still work just fine even with a full dishwasher. Once the cycle is done, your toothbrush will look all perky again.

While the dental recommendation is to replace your toothbrush every few months, this is a great way of keeping your toothbrush germ-free and like new in between replacements.

Watch the video below:

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