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A woman, who was out on a short day trip in Australia, ended up missing for 5 days. It was difficult on several levels, but she survived, thanks to some wine and lollipops.

According to 7 News, it all started when 48-year-old Lillian Ip went on a short trip and didn’t take much with her. She thought she would be home in no time, but ended up spending 5 days in her car in the Australian bush, about 200 miles NE from Melbourne.

Photo: Pexels/Pat Whelen

When Lillian didn’t check in with family members on April 30, they got concerned and called officials. An exhaustive search was started but they were struggling to find her.

Lillian’s sister-in-law, Lisa, even took to Facebook to ask the public’s help in locating her.

Photo: Facebook/Lisa IP

Since Lillian was only on a short trip, she didn’t take any water with her. The only thing she had was a bottle of wine for her mother (she doesn’t drink) and a few snacks and lollipops.

It took 5 days but eventually, her car was spotted during an air search. A police van was sent to her location. When they found Lillian, she was dehydrated.

She was driving to a dam but when the road was blocked, so she tried to back up. Her car got stuck in the mud and her health wouldn’t allow her to walk for help.

Photo: Flickr/Savanna Smiles License: CC BY 2.0

Since the nearest town was 35 miles away, she couldn’t use her cell phone. She decided to stay in the car, which was a good idea.

According to 9 News, when the police found her, Lillian said the first thing she asked for was water and a cigarette. She was happy a policewoman on the scene had a cigarette for her.

Lillian was treated for dehydration and released. She said she will be better prepared next time.