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The holiday season can be an absolute bear when it comes to traveling and this year has certainly been no different in that regard. The winter weather decided to throw a huge monkey wrench in everyone’s plans, as flights were canceled left and right.

When thousands of travelers were forced to change their plans, their luggage ended up heading to their destination without them.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

For many, this is a nightmare of epic proportions. Fortunately, all of the folks who got stuck in the airport for the holidays decided that they would do whatever they could to help the travelers out. These Good Samaritans found other people’s bags for them and began to contact them.

Brittany Loubier-Vervisch is one of the people who came to the rescue, as she spent her day sifting through what she referred to as an “Armageddon of luggage” while she happened to be stuck at Tampa International Airport. We are sure that this is not what she wanted to be doing the day after Christmas but life has a way of throwing your best-laid plans to the side.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Speaking with Inside Edition, Brittany shared that there were “hundreds, if not thousands” of bags piled up at the airport. A lot of people would have felt sorry for themselves and steered clear of the issue. She was not about to let these people go without their luggage, though. She delved into the pile and did everything in her power to help out.

After all, she had nothing better to do. Her husband was stuck in line waiting for customer service to address their issue. Brittany also needed to find her own luggage, so what could it hurt to help some other people out? While she was looking for her own, she sent at least 70 text messages to the people whose numbers she saw written somewhere on their luggage.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

“Flight delayed and need something to do? Go to baggage claim, look for phone numbers in the piles of bags, & notify people of their bag’s location,” said another kind soul on Reddit. “Let’s do what we can to help each other get out of this mess,” they continued.

It is great to see people rallying to each other’s aid like this. Check out the news clip below: