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Losing a loved one is hard for anyone, and a man who goes by JPS was understandably upset when his wife passed away.

To give him a sense of companionship, the man’s children went to the dog shelter and picked out a beautiful black pup who was full of energy. The dog, who JPS named Lola Maria Silva, was rescued from the streets and turned out to be the perfect match for Mr. JPS!

JPS has actually remarried since his wife passed away, but his new wife lives in a different town so Lola Maria offers JPS a lot of comfort and companionship, especially since he’s going through cancer treatments.

He shared in a comment that going through cancer treatment is difficult, but “Lola makes our days happy.”

Because of his cancer and living alone, JPS has opted to install cameras in his house so his loved ones can keep an eye on him from afar. While the cameras are a nice safety precaution, they also work beautifully to capture special moments between him and little Lola Maria.

Photo: TikTok/lolaa.mariaa

In one sweet video, you can see the joy the two bring each other!

JPS originally posted the clip on his TikTok account where it quickly amassed millions of views and thousands of comments.

Photo: TikTok/lolaa.mariaa

The video showed JPS and Lola Maria home in the bedroom playing together. Lola does zoomies on and off the bed and runs circles around JPS, who does a fun play dance in return.

The video later made its way to Reddit. Check it out below:

After this man’s wife passed away, his children adopted a shelter dog for him to keep him company. Best decision in the world
byu/kenezmaa inMadeMeSmile

How sweet is that?

You can keep up with Lolaa Mariaa and JPS on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok!