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Designer Tomohiro Okazaki of Swimming Design is here with one of the most incredible designs that you are ever going to see.

For those who are unfamiliar, he has created “Link.” This is one of the most intricate three-dimensional designs that we have ever had the privilege of laying eyes on.

The best feature of all is the Rube Goldberg-style machine that makes sure everything keeps moving along.

Photo: flickr/Ryan Somma

Before we proceed, we must warn you that this is an animation. That means that you are going to see movements that you would not normally expect from these types of objects. This is the perfect chance for you to shut your brain off and alter all of your expectations. Everything does not have to be gritty and realistic!

You’ll get to see pens moving on paper without a human to guide them and all sorts of cool and amazing sights that you never would have come across otherwise.

Photo: YouTube/SWIMMING

We were spellbound when it came time to watch the pages turning themselves. We wish that we had a vase that fills itself up, too. That would definitely save us a lot of time when it comes to keeping our flowers looking nice and fresh. There are certain portions of the animation that look almost impossible.

As it turns out, this 3D animation was actually done on behalf of a client who spoke with Okazaki. “A video work provided to the outdoor signage of a commercial facility,” reads the description, which has been translated into English for all of our American readers.

Photo: YouTube/SWIMMING

If you are anything like us, you will need to strap in before you watch this video. It is quite the ride, that is for sure! You have never seen inanimate objects behaving like this before, we can guarantee you that.

Check it out below:

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