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For many of us, the prospect of heading back to your old high school is not something that we would like to think about. We are well beyond those years now and have no real need to relive them.

On the other hand, if you are a famous singer like Lewis Capaldi, there is nothing wrong with heading back because you are going to be honored like a king.

Photo: Facebook/Edinburgh Evening News

When he went back to his secondary school recently, Capaldi was greeted by quite the surprise. The St Kentigern’s Academy in West Lothian, Scotland had built a statue in his honor. The self deprecating singer was not able to resist making a few jokes at his own expense, as you would expect. It is a humbling experience to have your own statue, so he had to let the air out of his own balloon.

Lewis was equal parts amused and unsettled by what he saw. This makes perfect sense to us. How could anyone possibly walk up to their own statue and not feel the need to crack a few jokes?

Photo: Facebook/Edinburgh Evening News

It will all make even more sense to you once you see the statue. It is not exactly designed to be all that flattering to Capaldi but if we had to guess, that is the way that he would want it.

It looks like a fun house mirror version of the famous singer and we cannot stop laughing at the sheer absurdity of it all. Capaldi’s comments when he first got the chance to check it out say it all. “You really captured my essence,” he laughed in a video shared by Edinburgh Evening News.

Photo: Facebook/Edinburgh Evening News

The teachers and fourth year pupils that were responsible for creating the statue needed six months to finish the task. At long last, their hard work is receiving the necessary praise.

“It’s pretty weird-looking, but I like it,” Capaldi said. That is before he admitted that the bizarre statue might end up giving him a nightmare or two along the way.

Capaldi has made a name for himself as one of the least egotistical pop stars that we have and this story is certainly no exception to that.