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If you are anything like us, you have a sizable amount of love for lemons. All it takes is an extra splash or two to have our water tasting nice and delicious. It’s also an essential aspect of any number of recipes. In other words, it is hard to go without lemon juice on a daily basis. In some instances, it may be easier to simply purchase a bottle from the local grocery store.

But what happens when we cannot head to the store as easily as we might like? It’s always nice to have a backup option and in our own opinion, freshly squeezed lemon juice simply tastes better than the store-bought stuff. However, it can be easy to purchase too many lemons and end up with more than what we need in the moment. Meanwhile, there are other times when we guess wrong in the opposite direction. Thankfully, TikTok is here to provide us with a helpful method for dealing with this all too common issue.

Photo: TikTok / teachmestyle

TikTok user @teachmestyle is here to make sure that you never have to head to the store for a bottle again. All you need to grab some lemons and an ice cube tray and you’re ready to go.

Juice your extra lemons and pour the juice into the ice cube tray. Place the tray in the freezer and pop out a frozen lemon cube whenever you need the juice! In a world where we are all trying to save a few dollars at the grocery store (and avoid food waste), these are the hacks that are of the utmost importance.


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The next time we want to enjoy a refreshing glass of lemon water, we can just grab a lemon ice cube! It doubles as flavor and chill. This hack would also work great for any other juices that you may want to keep on hand.

Some people even do this with coffee. They freeze coffee in ice cube trays and use them in place of ice in iced coffee to prevent it from becoming too watery. So genius!