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How many of us played with LEGO as a kid? It’s safe to assume a fair few of us probably got hours of joy out of those brightly-colored building blocks.

With enough LEGO you could build almost anything that you wanted. Of course, the childlike wonder that we all had as kids has probably worn off now that we’re adults. The need to play with LEGO and build whatever is in our imaginations probably isn’t a priority anymore.

Photo: Pixabay/M W

However, there was one YouTuber who shared his creative LEGO creation that would make most adults quite happy: a robotic LEGO coffee machine. It sounds like a dream!

According to Nerdist, YouTuber Brick Science‘s masterful LEGO coffee maker isn’t just an aesthetically pleasing treat, it’s also highly functional.

Photo: YouTube/Brick Science

As Brick explained, it was created out of necessity – something we coffee drinkers can all understand. While the LEGO device he built doesn’t actually brew the coffee, it does fulfill all the other steps necessary to create coffee.

For example, in order to start the coffee-making process, his gadget begins by opening up the top of the coffee machine. Then, a motorized pump dumps water out of a plastic bottle to fill the back reservoir, while a different motor scoops and adds in the coffee grounds. Then, the LEGO coffee maker completes the steps by hitting the on button – thus beginning the brewing process.

Photo: YouTube/Brick Science

Naturally, Brick’s custom LEGO creation is a lot more complex than a standard LEGO build. For a start, it needed four LEGO Technic motors – each having to be perfectly programmed for the precision of the different tasks. One misstep and it’s no coffee. Oof! Wouldn’t want that kind of a morning.

Check out the video below:

What do you think of his creation? Would you want one for your kitchen? Let us know!

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