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One of the biggest things about being an adult that no one tells you is having to figure out what to feed yourself for dinner every day for the rest of your life. It definitely isn’t as easy as when we were kids when Mom would take care of dinner, and we’d just complain.

Now, it’s up to us to decide what we want to eat, buy the ingredients, then spend half an hour to an hour cooking it.


Of course, sometimes we have days where cooking dinner just isn’t feasible – either we’re too tired or too pressed for time, and that is when delivery comes to save the day.

Being able to place a call to our favorite restaurant can be quite a lifesaver. Or even better, just clicking a button on an app and then having dinner show up a little while later is absolutely wonderful.

Photo: Pixabay/tommy pixel

We all have our favorite takeouts that we love to order. But we also have our least favorites, the ones that we never order for ourselves, and secretly loathe when someone suggests it. Personally, I don’t like when my partner suggests we get fried chicken for delivery. I don’t like that by the time it gets to us, it’s barely crispy and mostly soggy.

But have you ever thought about what other foods in your state are the least popular delivery options? Well, research has been done into the subject and there is a map which now shows what delivery food is least popular by state.

Photo: miro.medium.com/HATER

As shown on the map, Louisiana will not be ordering raisin cookies for delivery any time soon. And in Montana, no one will be ordering anything flavored with pumpkin spice for delivery either.

All the data collected came from a dating app known as Hater. The app attempts to match its users with people based on their mutual dislike for things.

Photo: Piqsels

Apparently, the app’s research team ended up pulling all the food and drink data by state in order to figure out if there was a disproportionate dislike towards certain items.

Quite interesting, right? What do you think of the map? Do you agree with your state’s dislike? Let us know!

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