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If you have been spending any time on social media lately, you have probably noticed a new trend: Stripping laundry. It is used as a means of expanding the life span of various articles of clothing, for those who are not familiar.

Do you use cloth diapers? Have you been experiencing hard water as of late? If so, please be sure to read on and learn more. Stripping laundry is a necessary step to properly clean clothing that’s more heavily soiled. Soap and mineral build-up are more easily tamed and any buildup that a typical laundry routine cannot handle is taken care of. What’s not to love? Don’t make the mistake of stripping laundry regularly, though.

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Joined other millennials in stripping my laundry recently. Slept on the “new” sheets last night. Highly recommend.

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For best results, you’ll need:
– laundry soap
– 1/4 cup of Borax
– 1/4 cup of Arm and Hammer laundry booster

To begin, fill your bathtub with hot water. Make the hot water as hot as your tap will allow. Add the ingredients to the water and stir them in thoroughly.

Grab the laundry that you are looking to strip and submerge it in the bathtub to soak. It should already be clean before you place it in the tub. Give the laundry four or five hours to sit, giving the water a stir every hour or so.

Once these steps are completed, you can put the laundry in your wash machine for a rinse cycle or a full wash (which you choose is personal preference!). Your clothes will come out so much better than before.

Check out this laundry stripping hack in action:


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