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Time-lapse videos are some of the coolest stuff that you can find on YouTube, and they can take up hours of your time if you’re not careful.

We love to watch the transformations that take place, especially when it comes to nature. Bonsai Releaf’s Bucky Barnes offers such videos and they’re truly mesmerizing to watch.

Photo: YouTube/Bonsai Releaf

Japanese larch can be transformed in such an interesting way, and it’s especially neat to watch it happen over an entire year. Bucky took an old, neglected Juniper Bonsai and restored it to its glory.

The sheer amount of designing, pruning, carving, and sculpting that he put in here is just amazing. It’s a word that gets overused sometimes but we cannot think of a better adjective for this finished product.

Photo: YouTube/Bonsai Releaf
Photo: YouTube/Bonsai Releaf

All that Bucky had at his disposal was his own specialized skills and tools, but he managed to create something truly special.

Bucky also restored a Larch Bonsai and it’s equally incredible to watch.

It’s clear to see that he’s got talent and care for the plants.

Photo: YouTube/Bonsai Releaf

Watch his Larch transformation in the video below:

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