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Now that Easter is right around the corner, we all know what this means. It’s time to break out the dye and create some awesome looking eggs. Some of us grew up with the store-bought kits that were responsible for creating a vinegary scent. We also had to use the concentrated dye tablets and plastic gloves that these kits provide for dying.

What if we told you that there is another way to go about this task? All you need are two very simple ingredients: Kool-Aid and water! Yes, you read that right. Our favorite drink from childhood is back and here to help us make Easter special. No more running to the store for Easter egg dying kits!

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Thanks to this method, your eggs are going to become the star of any Easter egg hunt that you visit this weekend (or don’t visit because #quarantined). Grab some hard-boiled eggs, a few Kool-Aid packets, water, and cups to get started on this process. It won’t take long before you are off and running. To get started, pour your drink mixes into separate cups. From there, fill the cups up halfway with water.

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Stir the water, so that the powder has a chance to dissolve. Take one of your hard-boiled eggs, submerge it in the cup and wait for the color to change. The end result is unbelievable. Your eggs will be dyed in all sorts of crazy colors that you may not have had access to otherwise. If you want to make the colors a bit bolder, place some additional powder in the mixture.

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You may also want to soak the hard-boiled egg for a longer period of time. Our favorite shades are the Berry Blue and Lemon-Lime flavors. The truly creative folks out there can mix and match their colors so that they are able to create a greater range of variance. As a matter of fact, the only limit here is going to be your own imagination.

There’s no need for the expensive egg dying kits when you have something this easy on-hand. Let’s face it. The average household probably has plenty of Kool-Aid packets that are not currently being used. Why would you allow them to sit in the cupboard a moment longer? Thanks to this incredible hack, the process of dying your eggs could not be any easier.