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We love seeing new and fun kitchen tools! Whether they are helping with the prep work, clean up, or anything in between, it’s amazing to see what new gadgets are out there to put on our wish list. We’ve collected a few of our favorites, and we’re sure there’s something for everyone on here!

Microwave Cover

This microwave cover serves several purposes – to help food cook evenly, and to prevent splatter! Win-win!

Veggie Spiralizer

If you’ve ever tried making zucchini noodles by hand, then you know just how important this kitchen tool is! Not only does it work on veggies, but this tool slices fruit, peels veggies, and grates cheese!

Slicer Tool

Get perfectly even and gorgeous tomato, onion, and potato slices with this slicing tool! Plus, gently grip delicate foods like dumplings without breaking them. Two in one!

Herb Stripper

If you use a lot of fresh herbs in your cooking, then this herb stripper will be a total game changer for you! Get all of the good parts in a matter or seconds!

Hot Dog & Sausage Spiral Cutter

How cool is this spiral cutter? Those hot dogs look so fancy! This is the perfect tool to make some classy kabobs.

Burger Press & Freezer Container

Easily store and freeze perfectly shaped hamburgers! This silicone tray works great for burger meat, but can be used to portion out and serve other things – hashbrowns, soups, cookies, etc. See what all the fuss is about here!

Garlic Press

This is the easiest way to get sliced, chopped, or minced garlic. You can even store it right in the container in your fridge! Plus, everything comes apart for easy cleaning. Get all the details on the garlic press here!

3-in-1 Cooking Basket

How cool is this tool? Perfect for easy transfer on all sorts of things! Use the big basket for pasta, potatoes, and other things that need boiling. Then, just flip it over for a steamer! Use this as a colendar and a fry basket. This multi-tool is a must have!

Cherry Pitter

Do you love fresh cherries when they are in season? Then you need this cherry pitter. It works on olives too!

Pineapple Seed Clip

Where has this tool been our whole lives?! At only $3.99, this seed clipping tool is totally worth it. Get yours today!

Swivel Sink Attachment

Not only can you adjust the spray of the water with this flexible silicone faucet attachment, but it can save you money on your water bill! Win-win. Get yours here!

Egg White Separator

If you don’t already have a tool that separates yolks and eggs, then you definitely need this little guy! At just under $2.50, it’s definitely worth it!

Which one is your favorite?

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