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Hilarious Kids’ Reactions To Creepy Easter Bunnies

These kids will probably have nightmares about the Easter Bunny for the rest of their lives.

The Easter Bunny is supposed to be adorable to children but there are many who get a bit more nervous up close. It can be tough for a child to endure the buck teeth when they are plopped on the bunny’s lap. Unlike Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny is not allowed to talk. This will add to the fear for many children, especially the very little ones.

We have decided to gather 10 of the best photos when it comes to these moments and they are too funny.

1. Before Grumpy Cat became an incredibly popular internet meme, there was the Grumpy Easter Bunny. If anything, we have to admit that the kid in this photo is actually being a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

Photo: Reddit

2. The look on this poor child’s face says it all, doesn’t it? They are not at all happy to be there but the Easter Bunny seems to be okay with it.

Photo: Reddit

3. We’re going to be totally honest here. An Easter bunny that has a knife is enough to freak us out pretty badly in the present day. We fully understand where this child is coming from.

Photo: <a href=""

4. The child on the right is clearly terrified because the Easter Bunny is about to devour them.

Photo: Reddit

5. We are not sure who decided to dress up this Easter Bunny but he looks more like the Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th than anything else. That’s way too scary for anyone, let alone a child.

Photo: imgur

6. “Get this strange thing away from me NOW!”

Photo: imgur

7. Why is this bunny clad in velour? It’s a fair question that needs to be answered as quickly as possible. Inquiring minds (like this child) want to know.

Photo: Instagram/momofboys16.17.19

8. This little boy wants to forget that the whole thing ever happened. If the Easter Bunny didn’t have such a good grip, he would have taken a flying leap off his lap!

Photo: Instagram/

9. These kids are doubling up on the terror and we just feel bad for their parents in this scenario. Imagine having to calm down TWO screaming children!

Photo: imgur

10. Little Sophie made it abundantly clear to her parents that she was no fan of this Easter Bunny and how did they repay her? By posting a photograph of their first meeting! Those rascals….

Photo: Instagram/