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September is back-to-school month, and for some kids, it’s the starting point of their academic journey.

The first day of Kindergarten is always an emotional day for parents. It signals their babies officially growing up as they go off to school. While it can leave parents a little misty-eyed in the morning as they drop off their kids, it can also be exciting – it means they’re starting school and they’re growing up!

Photo: Unsplash/Deleece Cook

Every parent wants to know just how their child’s first day of Kindergarten went. They want to know that they like their teacher, that they’re making friends, that they’re going to like being in school, etc. But one excited mom was not prepared for what her son was about to tell him after his first day in Kindergarten.

While we’re not sure what this kid will grow up to want to pursue career-wise, based on the TikTok video we wouldn’t be surprised if food critic was a future career.

Photo: TikTok/@ricki_weisberg

As it turns out, the first thing that poor Mom heard come out of her son’s mouth was a scathing sandwich review.

His exact words were, “terrible sandwich by the way.”

He then adds, “wait till I get home…”

Photo: TikTok/@ricki_weisberg

Well, if he doesn’t become the next Gordon Ramsey we’d be very surprised.

Check out the hilarious sandwich critique down in the TikTok below:


Wait for it… 🥪#backtoschool #momsoftiktok

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What has your kid told you about their school day when you picked them up? Have they ever criticized your sandwich-making abilities? Let us know!