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We are simple people at heart. When we hear about the biggest chicken sandwich in the world, our ears immediately start to perk up.

Thanks to KFC, this fantasy is now slated to become a reality. They have a bun that is so large and soft, you will undoubtedly want to curl up and get some much-needed shut-eye. It’s not an actual sandwich, though. It is a giant chicken sandwich pillow:

Yes, you can grab one of these pillows for your home but be forewarned….they are only going to be available for a limited time only. That’s right. If you want to take one home, you are going to have to act quickly but let’s be honest here. That was probably expected by most of us, wasn’t it?

“The KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler is a delicious twist on ‘KFC’s best chicken sandwich ever,’ and the perfect gift for those craving something cuddly, and quite frankly, a little bit outrageous, in the best way possible,” said the company in their latest press release. They were not kidding one bit about the outrageous part. It’s quite possibly the most outrageous chicken sandwich pillow that we have ever seen.


Of course, it is the only one that we have seen, so please be sure to take that statement with a grain of salt (and some seasoning, as it were).

The chicken giant is coming together with the good folks over at Pillow Pets to create these massive pillows. The KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler makes for a great gift, whether you are purchasing one for yourself or others.

Those who have children at home are already well aware of the Pillow Pets trend and now it is making its way into adult bedrooms as well. Since the chicken sandwiches have become so popular after being added to the menu, KFC thought that it was only right to provide their customers with the chance to take one home permanently.


“We set a new standard for modern comfort food with the introduction of our KFC Chicken Sandwich last year,” said Nick Chavez, chief marketing officer, KFC US, in the company’s recent press statement. “Now fans can snuggle up with the sandwich they love the most thanks to our KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler!”

KFC is also suggesting this one as a Valentine’s Day gift for those who have a certain sense of humor. Maybe your sweetie will end up appreciating this one.

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